do not act like an asshole. harassment and bullying of any kind will not be allowed here and it will result in a player being booted and banned from the game. don’t cross the ic/ooc line either.

this game will have adult themes if that kind of stuff makes you uncomfortable this game might not be for you.

a hiatus is a small break from the game, in order to deal with factors in the real world. we all know that real life comes first (as it should) and players will, from time to time, need to step away. a hiatus must be placed in this post for it to become official. a post to the ooc comm claiming a hiatus will not count. if a player posts to the game in any form (ic and/or ooc) their hiatus will be assumed to be discontinued. a hiatus can last for one month maximum. if your characters don't have the required ac by month two you will be removed from the game.

Here at Woodland Hills, we are only allowing a maximum of eight characters per player. Please do not ask for more. eight is enough.

Players are not allowed to play their own family members/bffs/etc.

due to the nature of this game characters must be 21 and over.

journals can be ic or ooc, it really doesn't matter.

Activity is due on the 30th or 31st of every month. Each player needs to have two pieces of activity to stay in the game. Anyone who has not checked in will get removed from the game. Removals will be done on the 1st. threads/logs
All threads must be posted in woodlandhillsic. If a scene has taken place in a gdoc, it must be posted and finished before it can count as activity. Each player must have four or more replies for it to count. A finished scene would be preferred.
Posting a net or commenting on a net post will count as activity. Each player must have four or more replies for it to count. Please do not leave players hanging. Try to finish all conversations.
Tag all posts. It will make things easier for everyone if all posts are tagged correctly.

Please use the following header or something similar when posting scenes:

Game Play
Woodland Hills is a fictional town set in Texas. It is taking place of cedar park, texas which means in this world cedar park does not exist.

everyone who lives in Woodland Hills will be able to connect to the network and talk to anyone in the town.

Once a month there will be something plot-like for the characters.